Spirit Team/Leadership Component


History/Social Studies:

  • The drum, rhythms, and dance can be viewed as primary sources in the study/learning of traditional African culture and the roots of various modern music. This creates an historical link, musically (past to present).

Students are exposed to:

  • Greetings/phrases of other cultures
  • Tai Chi to become centered in one�s self.


  • Students are challenged to see and feel mathematical components of music (i.e. through beats � time signatures - of graduating difficulty; from 4/4 time to 3/4 time to 6/8 time [leads to] fractional equivalencies through rhythm).

Self-discipline, Self-awareness, Teamwork, and Leadership:

  • Spirit/Leadership participants actively participate and learn to develop attentive listening skills. Students who are problematic in the classroom and/or on the yard show more self-control, teamwork, and cooperation.
  • Critical thinking takes place. Students experience group collaboration and problem solving. They create movement and song out of their own experiences.
  • Dance teachers are periodically brought in to introduce additional dance components that students can incorporate into their group collaborations.
  • Groups are multicultural which provide for the integration and acceptance of ideas and movement of varied cultures. Unlike in a regular classroom setting, all students are able to express themselves in a large group, small group, or individually during the sessions. Many of the songs and chants are generic, but are personalize to the school to instill pride and promote self-esteem.

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