Integrated Arts

The Integrated Arts Component

The Integrated Arts Component presents acknowledgement and appreciation of various cultural customs. Throughout the year cultural holidays and celebrations are honored. Example: Various December holidays and the people that celebrate these holidays might be discussed in a lesson (i.e. Christmas, Hanukah, Kwanzaa, and Ramadan). Math and vocabulary are also reinforced and reviewed through the discussion, as well as the use of "Elements of Art" (i.e. color, shape, and lines). Activities also involve mask making to depict elements of ones� own culture.

Video Production

Video Production includes writing, storyboards, drama, and the development of organization skills. History/Social Studies, problem solving, critical thinking skills, math byway of graphic design, group and whole class collaboration, as well as oral language skills are also incorporated into the program. Video Production provides a multitude of potential learning opportunities for students that encompass students� varied learning styles. It is a superb avenue for career exploration.


In addition to the academic benefits that AROJ fosters, it provides a vehicle for social and emotional support, as well as self-expression that many students have limited or no opportunity to experience.

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